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Just in time for the Presidential Election, the world-famous Reduced Shakespeare Company comedy troupe presents an updated version of their hysterical play! Enjoy 600 years of history in 6,000 seconds! From Washington to Watergate, yea verily from the Bering Straits to Baghdad, from New World to New World Order, the three cultural guerillas of the Reduced Shakespeare Company take the audience on a ninety-minute roller coaster ride through the glorious quagmire that is American History. The RSC tackles such controversial questions as: Who really discovered America? Why did George Washington cross the Delaware? How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? History is normally written by the winners, but now the RSC takes its turn.
β€œIn a series of sketches that move at breakneck speed, the Reduced Shakespeare Company scampers through American history.... This History of America should be a required course.” – The Boston Herald
Mature Content

Official Website: http://www.delewebbcenter.org

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