216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101

The Swedish Housewife Presents

"The Celebration of She"
Two nights of bump and grind action to raise your spirits, awareness and funds for two organizations that promote and support women's health, artistry and herstory.

April 23 -Fundraiser for Keep a Breast

Starring Catherine D'Lish - "Miss Exotic World" 92 and 94 and Burlesque Legend and Miss Nude Universe 1975 Tiffany Carter
Hosted by El Vez

Featuring Seattle Beauties - Burlesque Hall of Fame "Best Troupe 2007" The Von Foxies, Miss Indigo Blue, Lily Verlaine, Wade Madsen, Inga Ingenue, Ravenna Black, Belle Cozette, Evilyn Sinclair, The Booby Trap Players and The Swedish Housewife.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame-- is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain the public, fostering
an appreciation for and understanding of the unique history and
heritage of vintage Burlesque--including but not limited to the art,
artifacts and personal histories of its biggest names and brightest

In 2006, the Burlesque Hall of Fame relocated from Helendale,
California to Las Vegas, Nevada--in hopes of establishing a permanent,
first-rate tourist attraction and research/exhibition space for our
one-of-a-kind collection.

people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits
that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Two shows
7:30 PM ( 17+)
10:00 PM ( 21+)
It's a liquor control board thing.

Added by The Swedish Housewife on April 3, 2009