915 U St
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

The Caution Curves is an evolving musical experiment, employing a
gymnastic, abstract vocal style in conjunction with a free-jazz
percussion backdrop as well as an atmosphere of drone created with
electronic devices. The band explores new ranges of music and sound,
and the tension between structure and improvisation. The music is
not about one type of newer technology versus another, unlike many
other laptop-based music projects. All technology was created
equal, aesthetically, and all are valid, useful and good. The
Caution Curves aim to show that that is so by calling attention to
the incidental, less noticed, more humble forms of sound that a
singer and a performer can make. In doing so they hope to inspire
others to open up their vocabulary and to work more intensely with
different elements. There are infinite untapped directions for
people to move toward; so much beautiful and strange music
waiting to be made.

Official Website: http://dc-soniccircuits.org/2007/?p=39

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