San Francisco, California

Take the Car-Free Challenge:

TransForm, an award-winning non-profit that works to create world-class public transportation and walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond, is about to launch our exciting campaign, and we want you to take The Challenge..

On June 1st, TransForm will kick-off the 2009 Car-Free Challenge. The Car-Free Challenge asks participants one question:How few miles do you think you can drive in one month?; Then, each participant sets up a personal webpage with their mileage and fundraising goals for the month and shares their experiences in meeting their goals (through blogging, photo/video posts, etc.) with their friends, family, and colleagues who can then sponsor them in their endeavor. The Challenge is like a walk/bike/transit-a-thon that harnesses the power of online social media in a fun, interactive, and inspiring way. It will reach thousands of people!

Take the Car-Free Challenge:

Andréa Tyler, Outreach & Development Manager
(Formerly TALC)
405 14th Street, Suite 605
Oakland, CA 94612

P.S. The Car-Free Challenge will inspire hundreds of people to walk, bike and take transit more often. They’ll be fighting climate change, saving money, and sending a message of our need for better transit and more walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond!

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Sweet! This is going to be a lot of fun

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