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Are you a wine aficionado who is thinking about making a career change in the wine industry: take a half day off and attend this unique executive seminar.
In this seminar, we will discuss and learn about the most important business trends in the wine industry as well as how you can take advantage of them:
• Understanding the business of wine:
o General trends of the wine business
o Economics of the Wine Industry (where is the money, what is the value chain)
o Characteristics and trends of wine consumption in the united states
o Wine marketing 101 plus advanced concepts (illustrated by concrete business cases)
o Online social media in the wine world (blogging, vlogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Online Professional Wine Networks)
• Becoming a wine entrepreneur
o Starting a winery / virtual winery / urban winery
o Becoming a wine importer / distributor / Broker
o Opening / Acquiring a wine bar
o Opening / Acquiring a wine shop
o Other wine business opportunities (tourism, events, accessories, etc...)
This seminar utilizes business cases from Harvard Business School and materials from other graduate school specializing in the wine industry as well as a number of articles from trade publications. It is an interactive seminar with no prerequisite, but requiring reading to prepare for the seminar as well as some team work during the seminar.

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