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Just as the Industrial Revolution began an era of rapid technological and economic growth, so will the broad dissemination of APIs.

The advent of transcontinental railroads radically shifted the business environment of the 1860s and beyond. Companies had to rethink distribution entirely, as cross-country shipping that had once taken six weeks was compressed to one. Those who recognized the advantages afforded by this new technology were able to expand and thrive, leveraging distribution networks created and maintained by the railroads.

A century and a half later, we are undergoing another leap in technological capability that opens up wholly new distribution opportunities. The static web is dead; the future lies in the dynamic aggregation of content and services. Information that sits by itself provides some value, but will be overrun by information that automatically talks to and seamlessly interacts with other information. As the railroads spawned myriad new business models and created new opportunities, the Web's Industrial Revolution provides nimble companies the means to achieve success through focused API strategies.

Our third Business of APIs conference will be like no other event you have attended. In this one-day conference you will learn from companies that have executed API strategies to reinvent their businesses. They will share why and how they did it, what they expected to achieve, and how they are measuring success. It will be a day of real-world advice and lessons learned from many of your peers who are already part of the Web's Industrial Revolution.

Confirmed Speakers include:
* Marc Frons, CTO, New York Times
* Mike Hart, Director of Engineering, Web API, Netflix
* Daniel Jacboson, Manager of Application Development, NPR Digital Media
* Clay Webster, Associate Vice President Platform Infrastructure, CBS Interactive
* Michele Azar, Vice President of Emerging Channels, Best Buy

Early bird pricing before October 15th - $199. Regular pricing October 16th to November 2nd - $295.

Official Website: http://www.apiconference.com/

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