178 Junction Road
London, England N19

'...alert, spit-shined and bayonets at the ready...gentlemen killing machines at your service, ma'am. Authentic military garb, neatly trimmed hair, hobnailed boots - only Childish's Van Gough-channeling handlebar mustache suggest any hint of madness. We're formally welcomed to tonight's meeting of the Buff Medways Fanciers Association. And they're off in a blaze of Who-shredding, Link Wray-regurgitating punk/tuneful noise stomp. Each of the fellas in this classic power trio lineup has been in punk or garage bands for years and years and they rock with the joyful pure abandon of teenagers, pre-teens even. Childish is on his like 105th album of potent garage overload and it still sounds fresh and inspired. The crowd is in a froth, and Childish still breaks up his bullet-like momentum with hilarious anecdotes and THAT footstompin' a cappella version of "John The Revelator" (hotly requested). It's instinct music - one chord, two chords, three chords hey! All executed with such a!
skewed flair. They encore with a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" with the solo breaks revisited as one-note abstractions. Wow! This is the kind of band that makes rock and roll worth taking seriously AND life worth living.' From ink19.com

Added by mikepickard on February 15, 2006

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