353 West 14th Street
New York, New York 10014

New York’s longest running Bar Mitzvah, The Boychick Affair – The Bar Mitzvah of Harry Boychick returns to NYC at the celebrated COMIX (353 West 14 Street) beginning Sunday, May 9, 2010. Great for the whole family, tickets for The Boychick Affair are $64 and come with a complete with a Glatt Kosher meal. Tickets can be purchased at www.telecharge.com OR by calling 212-239-6200.

At The Boychick Affair, audience members mingle, eat, sing, and dance with the rest of the “guests,” and enjoy a delicious Bar Mitzvah meal – including dessert – at the ‘reception’ for Harry Boychick’s unique Bar Mitzvah ceremony to the raucous reception following. This hilarious interactive event follows a young rap wannabe as he becomes a man in front of his wacky, but loving family. You’ll laugh. You’ll dance. You’ll eat. Spend a little time at the Bar Mitzvah that puts the ‘funk’ in ‘dysfunctional.’ Mazel Tav.
The critics have called The Boychick Affair: “Outrageous & Fun…what theatre was meant to be!” Miami Herald; “An experience like no other.” NJ Jewish Standard; “Laughter and truths… amusing and touching… Hilarious!” LA Weekly; “Good Fun!” NY Post; “Fantastic & funny...the ensemble cast is outstanding!” American Radio Network; “I Love this Show!” CBS Radio; “A Must-See...a comic masterpiece!” Los Angeles Times.

Created by Amy Lord, co-creator and star of the one of the longest running off-Broadway hits, and worldwide sensation Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral. Lord, also starred in the legendary Tony & Tina’s Wedding making her one of the very few performers to star in the two most successful interactive shows in theatre history . The Boychick Affair made its New York debut direct from Los Angeles where it has enjoyed a sold-out engagement for more than two years.

The Boychick Affair – The Bar Mitzvah of Harry Boychick
Written and directed by Amy Lord
Plays Sunday, July 11th at 3:00 PM
COMIX is located at 353 W 14th St in New York City
Ticket are $64 per person (includes a full buffet meal),
www.telecharge.com OR 212-239-6200
Group prices are $55.00, for group reservations, contact Heather at 1-866-999-6929
(Bar Mitzvah gifts are NOT recommended. Harry already has enough fountain pens to open his own stationery store!)