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Is the digitisation furore just a nervous reaction to experiences within the music industry - or is the heightening concern very real? Is eveyone prepared for the digitisation of the written word? What are the new technologies that publishers should be thinking about that could improve their online presence? How can digitisation sell more books? What about digital rights and digital copyright? How do you find and develop communities of readers online? What are the differences in digital strategy of trade and non-trade publishing?
With e-books about to take off in the UK, isn't it time the industry faced up to the changing consumer climate and technology?

These are just some of the questions that will be addressed at The Bookseller's Digitise or Die full-day conference on 3rd July in London. It is fair to say, that you will definitely miss out if you are not there.

Digital Spaces Panel 2.30pm-3.30pm Stream B:
Chair of Stream: Jeremy Davis, key account manager, Chameleon Net
14.30 Panel: Digital Spaces
• With the ‘Google Generation’ growing up and online technologies becoming
integral to everyday life, which platforms are people using for consuming
content and interacting with others about books and book-related content?
• What current cultural trends shed light on how content consumption will
• How can content be portable cross-platform and across different hardware?
• How do ‘social’ and user generated content (UGC) play a part in how people
connect with content, other readers, publishers and booksellers?
Andrew Keen, entrepreneur and author of “The Cult of Amateur” (Nicholas
Yang May Ooi, novelist, blogger and social media commentator
Kieron Smith, managing director, BookRabbit

Official Website: http://www.thebookseller.com/seminars.html

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