860 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Ramps that you can actually ride without getting killed! Legit setups in the alley way of Underground skateshop in Boston, MA. Money and prizes for: Best trick, Weirdest dude riding, Best Line, Bill and Wildcard Freak out challenge, Best line while smoking the most cigarettes and a WET T-SHIRT CONTEST involving lots of females.

The event is to raise money for a permit so we can do a REAL LIFE SIZE MEGA BONE DETH sometime in October. And the event is also to celebrate the lives of Bill and Gary Jones, long standing members of the Bonedeth crew who were recently killed in a army barracks robbery.

WET T-SHIRT CONTEST - 1st place $200
Best Trick, Weirdest Dude riding, Best line, Best line with most cigs smoked, Bill and Wildcard Freak OUT challenge.

Official Website: http://www.digbmx.com/news/the-bonedeth-alley-chunk-dad-bone-donation/dig-123636.html

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