744 9th St
Arcata, California 95521

The Blue Dot is a new band as of 2004. Fronted by Aaron Stauffer formerly of both Seaweed (1989-1999) and Gardener (1997-2003), The Blue Dot sound is equal parts Punk, Soul and Rock. Johnathan Richmand and the Modern Lovers meets E.L.O. Al Green meets the Sonics. Is this garage rock or disco? With a lush horn section and vintage keyboards (ranging from 1952-1986), The Blue Dot is a sonic time machine, landing one moment in Tacoma, Washington circa 1966 to dance to The Wailers and The Sonics, the next moment Bahia, Brazil 1974 to worship the songcraft of Tim Mia and Jorge Ben. Then it's (whooa oh ohhh) off to New Jersey 1978 to observe the Misfits record. Sax tracks by Bowie in '74 and '83. You land shaken in Detroit 1993, where Morphine happen to be playing one spring night.Submitted by Eventful on behalf of Humboldt

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