1871 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210

“A wickedly generous and clever record of not-quite love songs....”—Pitchfork

Portland, Oregon continues to serve as a major spawning ground for the indie scene, and folktronica-forward The Blow is one of the foremost recent examples of its primacy. Once again a showcase for the talents of Khaela Maricich (since the departure of Jona Bechtolt, who is concentrating on his own band YACHT), The Blow continues to serve up leftfield twists with sly lyrics and minimalist dance funk for the emo set. Listen to the Blow’s latest K Records release Paper Television to hear deft metaphors for our age in the standout track “Parentheses”: a lovesick couple drifts in the supermarket aisles, “Some philosophies fuel a belief in the self/Constructed to keep one’s goods on the shelf.”

Official Website: http://www.wexarts.org/pa/index.php?eventid=2387

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