83 Rivington Street
London, England EC2A 3AY

Black Rat is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by award winning painter Matthew Small. Matts latest body of work Youngstarrs is an exploration on the themes of youth and hope.

Matt Small is an artist whose painting is best understood as an extension of his beliefs and world view. Matt is a passionate believer in social inclusion and that, given the opportunities to be heard and respected, all individuals have something of value to contribute to society. The subject matter of Matts portraits tends to be the marginalized and voiceless in society, those who are socially excluded and often viewed as statistics or pawns in a wider political game as opposed to individuals with the latent potential to contribute and enrich society if only given the opportunity to be heard. By painting portraits of individuals on the outskirts of society. Matt encourages us to spend time with people who we may chose to overlook in our daily lives and in doing so forces us to challenge our prejudices and recognize our shared humanity

Youngstarrs previews on March 26th from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. The exhibition continues until April 17th.

Official Website: http://www.blackratpress.co.uk/events.php

Added by Craig Grobler on March 18, 2009

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