23 Plantation Road
Oxford, England OX2 6JE

Ben Walker will be playing some songs for friends, family, tweeps, geek brotherhood, Flickr posse, muso dudes and you.

He's asked the best possible ever band for this gig to play too. It's a surprise. But you will smile and possibly even jig spontaneously with excitement when you see them.

Entry is free (of course – it's the back room of the Gardeners), but if you bring some pocket money you might be lucky enough to leave with a tour t-shirt. Or even a WINKYFACE t-shirt! Seriously!

Bring your friends (but only the ones you like). It's 7:30pm for an 8pm start, and there's no food. What do you think this is – some sort of Dinner and Songs From The Shows For Only £43 (plus VAT)? So eat before.


Official Website: http://manhaton.tumblr.com/

Added by garrettc1 on November 20, 2009