Gower St
London, England WC1

"Why Humanism?" by Professor Tim Crane, Professor of Philosophy, University College London

Chair, Jo Wolff, Professor of Philosophy, UCL

Lecture followed by questions, co-hosted by University College London, the Humanist Philosophers' Group and the BHA

This lecture will examine some recent ideas about what humanism is, and what can be said in its favour. Is humanism a doctrine which is defined entirely negatively, that is, in terms of its denial of theism? Or does it have some positive content? The lecture will express scepticism (from an atheist's perspective) about the value of humanism as a movement, and about the need for such a movement. In a discussion of the views of some prominent humanists, the lecture will also express scepticism about the role of intellectual debate in addressing the practical problems associated with religion in the world today. The values and attitudes we need to address these problems are independent of the truth of any religion.


Official Website: http://www.humanism.org.uk/site/cms/contentViewArticle.asp?article=2386

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