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Upset with the Current Scandals in British Politics?

With the upcoming European Parliamentary elections around the corner, the power of change relies on you. NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to ask all the questions you may have to someone who is not only in the know but is also deciding to do something about it.

Join us for a special evening of cocktails, appetizers, book signing and an EXCLUSIVE conversation with Sir Paul Judge, esteemed Entrepreneur and founder of a new political movement aimed at promoting independent thought and open governance, named the Jury Team.

Sir Paul Judge and Jury Team have been featured in TIME, The Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and BBC.

The Discussion will be followed by a book signing of THE END OF THE PARTY.

Registration Fee: £28 (approx) for Basic Members. FREE of charge for PREMIUM MEMBERS
Space will be limited at this event. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Sir Paul Judge formulated the idea of a new kind of political movement: one based on the principles of good governance and transparency. The Jury Team is the fruition of this ideas and was launched on 16th March 2009.

Sir Paul has a wide range of experience, in business, education and politics. He has been the Chairman of the Wharton Executive Board for Europe, Middle East and Africa for the last 10 years.

Based in London he is currently the Chairman of Schroder Income Growth Fund plc, a Director of ENRC plc, as well as being a member of the board of the Higher Education Funding Council for England and of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

His honorary offices include being an Alderman of the City of London, the President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of the Association of MBAs, the Chairman of the Marketing Standards Board, of the British-North American Committee, of the Enterprise Education Trust, of Digital Links International, of the Museum of Brands and of St Dunstan’s College and Deputy Chairman of the American Management Association based in New York.

He is also a Member of the Advisory Boards for the UK-India Business Council, for HEC in Paris and for the Athens University of Economics and Business, a Member of the Council of the Crown Agents and a Senior Adviser at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House. He has honorary degrees from Cambridge, Westminster and City universities.

Following his education at Cambridge University and at the Wharton Business School, Sir Paul worked for Cadbury Schweppes and then led the $150 million buyout of their food interests to form Premier Brands which was successfully sold for $500 million in 1989. He was subsequently a Director of WPP Group plc, Chairman of Food from Britain, Director General of the Conservative Party and a Ministerial Adviser at the UK Cabinet Office. He has more recently been Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts (2003-6), President of the Chartered Management Institute (2004-5), Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors (2005-6) and Chairman of Teachers TV (2005-8). He was the key benefactor of the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

The Jury Team is the idea of a new kind of political movement: one based on the principles of good governance and transparency. The Jury Team launched on 16th March 2009 with the aim of cleaning up politics. The need for this has been reinforced by the current spate of political sleaze stories, which have highlighted the grip of the existing parties on British politics. The Jury Team pledges to break this grip by electing a new set of independently minded real people into Parliament.

It is the Jury Team's aim that by using modern technology we can restore proper democracy and integrity to our democratic institutions by allowing people, selected openly by their fellow citizens, to become Independent MPs and MEPs. The time is right to change this establishment: a new dawn in UK politics is needed, and Parliament must reassert its ancient right to scrutinise the government and hold it to account.

The name of the movement alludes to the basic idea of the party: Juries made up of regular people are able to make decisions about difficult problems; their lack of vested interests is paramount. A jury allows people to choose between two competing arguments, often with profound impacts on people's lives, and the Jury Team believes that independent people in Parliament would be able to choose between political alternatives.

NOTE: There will be a booksigning following the reception and discussion by Sir Paul Judge.

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