931 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, California 95060

6pm Doors 7pm Showtime Dinner Available @ Show
Their music has been described as beguiling, haunting, rustic, ambient, hobo-erotica, and goth-folk. They are Frazey Ford, Trish Klein, and Samantha Parton.

They first met in the mountains of BC, at tree-planting camps and open-stages. After traveling separately they met again one particularly dark rainy, dismal winter in Vancouver. At Trish's Chinatown house they would get together to share songs and stories over red-wine and Chinese tea. Here they were joined by fellow-traveler, singer/fiddler, Texas-born minstrel Jolie Holland. Jolie introduced them to the songs of another mad traveler Obo Martin from whose song Be Good Tanya their name was culled. Bonded by their passion for old-tyme music and their love of vintage clothes they soon began performing everywhere they could from thrift stores,cafes, galleries and bars to the streets of East Vancouver, front porches and house parties.

In the spring of 2000 they set out on the road to tour across America in Sam's 1977 Dodge Van. Braving fires, ice storms, bad road food, and laundry they gigged their way through the heartland of the south and down to New Orleans. When they made it back alive they hunkered down to record their debut album Blue Horse in the small studio/shack of their friend Futcher. Around this time Jolie left to return to San Francisco, but not before recording on a number of tracks most notably her stirring vocals on Lakes of Ponchartrain and her vocals on the Littlest Birds which she co-wrote with Sam Parton.

After the release of Blue Horse, they continued to tour constantly around North America, over to the UK and once around Australia. They have graced the stages of numerous festivals and also played in many a stinky dive, but everywhere they have been received with enthusiasm and genuine approval. Throughout all this madness they managed to find time to record their second album; Chinatown. It's a good bunch of songs, old-tymey and new-tymey, lush harmonies, and raw soul delivery. Trumpet chops provided by the legendary Olu Dara.

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Ana Egge

Ana Egge was living in New Mexico when a friend coaxed her to Austin, Texas to put together a demo in 1994. She was only 17. What resulted was a cassette that accompanied Egge at her live shows and sold like hotcakes -- it was enough to get her to Europe for a tour and facilitate her move from New Mexico to Austin. With that encouragement Egge put together her debut CD, River Under the Road.

Egge was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan but grew up in a teeny burg in the northwest tip of North Dakota called Ambrose. Her parents were bona fide hippies, drawn to the old-fashioned homestead lifestyle. They owned a 1969 Dodge van that they painted John Deere green with a roller and decorated with Grateful Dead stickers.

The Egges divided their time between commune-living in New Mexico and a rented home in North Dakota. With such a fascinating upbringing, it's not surprising that so young a person could bring such depth to her writing.

Egge's talent has helped earn her a grassroots following, not to mention tour support from acclaimed artists like Jane Siberry, Shawn Colville and Ron Sexsmith.

Official Website: http://www.theatticsantacruz.com

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