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Narrative Feature
The Barn
Director: Rudiah Webster
Screenwriter: Jake Broder, Adam Long
Cast: Jake Broder, Adam Long, Gerard Kelly, Mel Raido
80 min. UK, 2004

One sunny day in the beautiful English countryside, a shady business deal goes sour. In a remote brick barn, the "delivery" men are severely beaten and are left with the promise of death later. They must find a way out before the thugs return, but that proves very difficult, as the barn is built more like a jail - heavy locked doors, bars in the window, and a cement foundation.
A sheep appears. How the hell did it get in? They take turns watching it to see if it goes back the way it came. If it doesn't, maybe they'll eat it. The only sustenance is some straw and grass and a trickle of water running out of a pipe. After an argument, one man provides himself with a make-shift friend by stuffing his clothes with straw. Straw man eventually turns against his creator and refuses to give him back his clothes. Could these be hallucinations brought on by starvation and simple bickering?
With an exotic Hungarian score and narrative evocative of Samuel Beckett, The Barn is strange, darkly comic film that will make you laugh, question reality, and have you thinking long after the closing credits.
-Izzy Lee

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