361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Price: ADV $8.00 | DOS $10.00. From the KF website: " 'Luckily, The Bamboo Kids are on hand to save the night. A skanky looking three-piece from New Yawk complete with that unmistakable bravado that all good bands manage to exude. There's something very Ramones-alike about The Bamboo Kids, which is a deceptively difficult style to appropriate properly, but somehow, they succeed. Their set is like being struck over the head.' As happens in any good rock show, The Sexy Magazine's set ended in onstage chaos as the band flailed around and the lead singer yelled, 'We are the Sexy Magazines' for anyone who may have forgotten who they were watching..."

Added by mikeskoglund on January 31, 2005