1135 13th St
Boulder, Colorado 80302

This band features pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King. The group covers a range of rock 'n' roll and pop song books for inspiration.

Added by negatendo on April 6, 2007



Thanks for hosting this. On a personal note, this is exactly what I wanted to do with my party at SWIG ( http://upcoming.org/event/116848/ ). I was unable to secure the sponsors that you guys had for the event mainly due to my lack of experience with this sorta thing. So I just decided to pay for the entire thing myself. I can already say that MWSF08 I'm going to rock the house.

For now, there's my party and there's yours and I will be attending both of them.

I have a writer coming with me from http://dailytechtalk.com and he's 20, can he attend the party at Jillian's. I went there for the iSkin party at MWSF06 and it was a 21 and up establishment. can you please note on here what ages are allowed.

Interested 2