1541 Adrian Road,
burlingame, California 94010

Hot on the heels of the successful 2007 Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza, comes a new event for a new conference. I'm proud to announce the inaugural Avalonstar Grand Prix. Yes, that means go-karts.

Hosted at one of the most advanced go-karting venues in the nation, the AGP will surely create lasting memories alongside an awesome conference. It's not just any go-karting experience, it's the best one out there.

Racing, competing, catering, drinking (after the driving) — what more could you possibly ask for?

UPDATE (05/05/07): Looks like the interest is there, just not enough of it. So... I'll be toning this down to just a friendly gathering for whomever can make it there. If you need transportation from the city, I'll try and figure something out. Please let me know if you do need transportation from the city to the venue, otherwise, just come! I'll post some pricing information soon.

Official Website: http://avalonstarevents.com/agp2007

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YAY! Start yer engines!


Licensed--as in "to speed"?! =) ...hope to make it. And congrats on "ASE"--that's cool.


I can give a few people a ride from the city as well if people still need rides from the city.


Like I told Eston, I was an Indy racer in a different lifetime. ;) Hopefully I'll have my own private pit crew assuming I can convince my better half to come and watch.


I'd like you guys to decide what you'd like to do. Whether it'd be just regular races or a mini grand prix. So please email me or comment here with your vote.

The pricing structure is as follows:

Practice: $25. Each additional practice $20
(A Practice is a 10 minute session. You are racing for your fastest lap time against other people on the track. You will complete between 15 and 20 laps depending on speed and skill.)

Race: $45. Each additional race $40
(A Race begins with a 5 minute Qualifying session that is scored by fastest lap time. Drivers line up on the starting grid according to their qualifying times, then completed a 15 minute race to the finish line.)

Grand Prix (Practice + Race): $60 (Great for Groups)
(Drivers go out for a 10 minute practice session, take a 10 minute break and look at their race results (brag a little), then go back for 5 minutes of qualifying, line up on the starting grid and race for 15 minutes to cross the finish line first. 50-55 laps.)


The grand prix sounds like a good time. Everyone could get about the same practice time and if they want more they could pay for it seperately. Then we jump right into the race for all the marbles.


Definitely. Since we won't be on any set schedule, you can choose to just lounge then race, or practice as many times as you want if you have the money too. I do suggest that everybody bring at least $60 + food/drink money, just so at least get the full experience.


I would suggest just the race if only 20 (maybe?) people will be showing up, right?

I fly out at 10:50pm at SFO.


Well, hopefully all the people attending show up. :) But yes, that would make the most sense Luke.

The venue is a few miles south of the airport, so maybe.. you could bring all your stuff with you?


I'm willing to do the whole Grand Prix, and as I said in e-mail with you earlier, I've got three spots to carpool with.

Oh and as for luxuryluke: Go Kart Racer really isn't far from the airport on the 101. I'm sure one of us will drive you there if you need to get back before everyone's done.


Almost forgot about this... I'm down for the Prix as well.

I can probably fit 4 comfortably in mine. I'd just have to go back to West Oakland Bart and pick it up beforehand.

Anyways, if you need a ride, shoot me a note by tonight; or just call/text me your name and number during the breaks and/or lunch on Friday via

jaxtr.com / stechico

Hope to meet some awesome peeps,

PS. I can probably give you a ride luxuryluke since I need to get ready for my own flight down south early Saturday AM.


Please meet at the Argent hotel at 6PM! Here's their website: argenthotel.com


That was fun! Thanks for heading it up.

PS. Next time, can Corey and I get a 2-lap lead?!?! You guys burnt the whole damn track down =)


So sad i couldn't make it to this, but glad it did happen afterall.
Sorry, Bryan. I was anxious to make your acquaintance once and for all!


I came in last, but it was a solid last place. Fun night :)


Thanks for coming guys. We'll definitely have a few more of these.

Luke, don't worry about it dude. :) Communication could have been better. You're in Long Beach right? I'll have to give you a ring next time I'm in LA.