2247 Guadalupe Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Tired of those panels and sitting around hearing people talk? Would you rather get in on the fun yourself? Look no further than this getaway evening event during SXSW. Meet and mingle with your favorite blogging buddies while simultaneously kicking their asses in bowling. What's more fun than that?

If you are going, please add your name to the wiki: http://wiki.avalonstar.com/doku.php/events/sxsw2006/meetandgreet so I get an accurate head count, and you can grab a team as well!

Added by revyver on February 23, 2006



Looks like this time is in. According to the official events directory, nothing really starts after 8, so hopefully we'll make this better than anything out there!


Count me in. I put my name in the wiki too. Now I just need a team...


Bring as many people as you can. If you want your own team, then let me know.


I'm looking into getting members of the Refresh movement to join me, as we're doing a little Refresh meeting before the bowling event. I'll let you know if we have enough for a team.


Team Refresh in full effect!


For all those people that are just watching, if you're seriously thinking of playing then make sure you find your team as quickly as possible! Spots are starting to run out!


Team spacer GIF will rule over all!


is there still a spot open for a visitor from germany? haven't been bowling for ages but would love to try my best among this awesome crowd. cheers from germany


We'll have to see. :) Either way, be there!


and you'll definitely regret not having me on the team. last saturday i went bowling as part of my pre sxsw training. even though i haven't bowled in years, i kicked ass (which surprised me even more than the others) ;-)


Im coming! ready yourselves--- UT kid enroute


I have three words: this kicked ass!

This absolutly needs to be an annual thing!


Who's house? Team Refresh's house.

Matthew Oliphant

I last bowled in 1983. Scored a 114 this time. I think I will practise some over the coming year because Refresh needs a smack down.

Oh, that's right... smack. down. :)


Bring it Matt. Bring it.