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Organizer: The Atlas Society. The Graduate Seminar in Objectivist Philosophy and Method is a week of lectures, discussions, and workshops designed for graduate students, junior faculty, and post-doctoral scholars of philosophy and related fields such as history, political science, and psychology. It is organized by The Atlas Society (TAS), the center for Objectivism.
TAS founder David Kelley, Ph.D. and TAS Director of Programs William Thomas, M.A will be the lead instructors for this intimate and intensive week of intellectual development. They will possibly be assisted by other faculty as yet to be named.
Instruction in 2008 will focus on Objectivist conceptions of politics and law and the issues that surround them. The Objectivist approach will be compared with other views, including libertarian and mainstream views. Topics covered will include, inter alia, individual rights, the ethical basis of liberty, the justification of government, the institutional structure of government and law, legal standards and forms, and foreign policy.
The Graduate Seminar will be held August 3 - 8 at George Washington University in downtown Washington, D.C, near the TAS offices. Attendance will be strictly limited to maintain a productive small-group setting and maximize the benefit participants can gain from taking part. Students taking part will be required to write a short paper.
The seminar is free of charge to qualified student and professional scholar participants. Participants are provided with a single room on the G.W.U. campus and a stipend to cover food expenses at the seminar. A limited number of travel stipends to a maximum of $300 will also be available, with preference in making travel awards given to those who apply by May 16.
(Applications from non-professional scholars with exceptional qualifications will be considered, though few or none may be accepted, and any such participants would need to pay a seminar fee of $900 or $180/day.)

Official Website: http://www.objectivistcenter.org/cth-61-2008-GS08.aspx

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