3955 Boulevard St.-Laurent
Montreal, Québec

Adam Kelly takes on the twisted persona of mass killer Marc Lepine in his superb one-man show,

The Anorak was named the Montreal Gazette's Best of 2004 by their theatre critic Matt Radz.

Kelly’s understated performance forces the audience to witness the disintegration of a dysfunctional personality. Lépine was abused by his father, shunned by his peers and rejected in his attempts to join the army and to study engineering. At last, he is accepted for something: a gun permit. This triggers voices in his head which urge him to spill women’s blood.

By the time Kelly’s Lépine takes off his anorak jacket and wraps it around the Luger’s still-hot barrel so he can put it in his mouth for his final act, you will be compelled to reflect not on how this could have happened, but on the thin line between aggravated social failure and murderous dementia.

Added by Zeke on November 1, 2006

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