2020 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, California 94115

Whenever Gruber is out for WWDC, we’ve ended up eating fried cheese and drinking beer.

Then he finds himself recommending it to others.

I then find myself taking others out for fried cheese and beer.

This is Allan Odgaard of Textmate

You’ll notice he’s downright giddy.

This is Sebastian.

Sebastian has never eaten fried cheese.

Even though he’s smiling, he’s very sad inside.

Very sad.

So, never to let a customer stay sad, I’m making the cheese and beer run official.

Please join me and others this Wednesday at 11:59pm (so you’ll realize that it’s nearly midnight on “Wednesday”, and no one will be confused and show up a day early or late) at

Harry’s Bar

2020 Fillmore Street

(between California St & Pine St)

San Francisco, CA 94115


Official Website: http://joyeur.com/2007/06/12/the-annual-or-whatever-wwdc-related-joyent-midnight-cheesestick-and-beer-run

Added by joyent on June 12, 2007