8852 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90069

The Angel/Devil on Tour!!!!!!!!!!!

"Above and beyond the fact that this band is electrifying, just to
watch, the things they’re doing to and with the toys of their trade,
their guitars and such, are amazing. They rock and roll, they crumble
and then they rise again."
-Stillwater Scene

Welcome open heart. No better time than now.

Welcome to our family. We dream in the sticks. We rehearse where the
busses don’t run. We eat and sleep late in the same little spaces. We
search with you. We want to travel with you.

Angel and Devil. Getting comfortable with grey. No more us vs. them. The
only truths we’ve found so far are rhythm, melody, energy and kindness.
Push us. We’re going to push you.

Music has always changed the world and it always will. Songs are rips in
time - upsets to stagnation - waking dreams. Live shows are sacred times
where anything can happen. 50 percent us, 50 percent you.

Slow down your mind. Speed up your heart. Step inside with us.

The Angel/Devil

Added by Massive Music on March 23, 2008