1426 9th Street NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Film Screening: "The Ambassador"
A documentary that chronicles the life of John Negroponte, current Director of National Intelligence, with special guest film maker Andres Thomas Conteris.

The Flemming Center; 1426 9th Street NW
Thursday, July 20th at 7 PM

Please join us, the DC Anti-War Network, and others! AND

Friday July 21st @ 7 PM, Woodley Park Metro, join us as we go to the home of this monster, at 3100 Cleveland Avenue NW. (for more info see: dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/134600/index.php)
The following is a description of the film. We hope to see you Thursday AND Friday!

INSIGHT TV, the only TV-production company that only makes documentaries about human rights, is proud to present our new TV documentary, "The Ambassador".

Our staff has worked with this project for more than a year, and great research effort and large resources have been required in order to be able to present our new documentary to an international audience.

The film will give its viewers loads of new knowledge and insight, and will draw historical lines from the conflicts in Vietnam and Central America, to post-Saddam Iraq.

The documentary, "The Ambassador", is the story about the former US ambassador to Iraq, now US intelligence chief, John Dimitri Negroponte.

Mr Negroponte was controlling the largest US embassy in the world together with an army of 160,000 soldiers. Today he is in charge of the 15 US intelligence agencies.

"The Ambassador" tells how Mr. Negroponte was running brutal civil wars in Central America in the l980s.

He was appointed ambassador to Honduras by president Ronald Reagan in l981, and was ambassador until l986.

Human rights organizations all over Central-America today, say that Negroponte as ambassador to Honduras, covered up grave human rights violations.

He did that in close cooperation with the leader of the death squadrons in Honduras, general Gustavo Alvarez.

The Nobel peace prize laureate from Guatemala, Rigoberta Menchu, says in the documentary that Negroponte should be put up for trial.

Bishop Medardo Gomez from El Salvador says that the name Negroponte, bring terrible memories to people all over Central-America. "He brought war and terror on us", says the bishop.

This is a shocking documentary about war, terror and lies.

The story about John Negroponte, the former ambassador, who now is the intelligence tzar of the United States.

Official Website: http://www.erlingborgen.com/theamb.html

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