1503 Chartres St
Houston, Texas 77003

Wednesday March 18th [email protected] MERIDIAN:


"The best debut CD of 2008." THE BOSTON HERALD

"Poetry you can dance to...nothing short of amazing." LA TIMES

"Inebriated celebrations of love's boundless optimism." BLENDER

"A true poetic experience. Beautiful, painful and terrifyingly real." SEATTLE WEEKLY

"The best album of 2008. This is as vibrant and potent and moving as modern rock can be." SONIC PARTHENON

"Earnest tales of downtrodden folk, seeking contact in a disconnected age." SPIN

"Absurdly rich with talent...Live, the group delivers total cohesion and unflappable energy." LA WEEKLY

"Bleeding-heart narratives of love, death and Dylar." WIRED

"Occasionally you get lucky and stumble across a band at the very moment they ignite the engines and blast off into the heavens. The Airborne Toxic Event just gets louder and richer until the music practically bursts at the seams and spills its steaming guts across the stage." NME

"Sometime Around Midnight is a front-runner for Single of the Year." BULLZEYE

"In a just and fair world, The Airborne Toxic Event would be indie rock favorites of critics and fans the world over. Maybe, just for a moment, the world will get it right for a change." POPMATTERS

"Catchy as hell rock that is as smart as its literary allusions." URB

"Blistering, majestic viola-enhanced, anthemic rock that lives up to the band's advance hype." USA TODAY

"It's the band's focused concoction of jagged guitars and airtight drumbeats that's infecting Los Angeles and soon the world." TOKION

"A compelling collision of influences from Springsteen, the Clash, Modest Mouse, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand and Arcade Fire cooked up into classic status in it's own right. Favourite new band? Don't bet against it." LONDON TIMES

"The Airborne Toxic Event's EP manages to accomplish in three songs what Interpol has failed to do in three albums." PREFIX MAGAZINE

"This self-titled debut album from the L.A.-based band will rock you with energetic guitars, haunting violins and melodic hooks at every turn. " NEWSWEEK

"They're like tears that taste good. Electric, endearing, eclectic and essential..." CAMPUS CIRCLE

"Rock 'n roll as rebellion, though not against anything as arbitrary as an elected authority or political body, but a revolt against endings—of love, life, and innocence...we all still hurt, die, and break in two. Airborne's triumph is the unwillingness to budge in the face of that futility, and to keep dancing anyway." WEB IN FRONT

Tickets $10/$12
Doors 8pm

With Special Guest Alberta Cross

For more information visit www.meridianhouston.com

Official Website: http://www.meridianhouston.com

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