5801 Southfield Service Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48228

The Advanced Developers Hands On Conference (ADHOC) is an annual event that provides a unique environment for computer programmers, engineers, students, and technology enthusiasts. At ADHOC they learn the cutting-edge technologies of the day not only from experts in classroom and conference sessions but also from each other in intense coding marathons. The conference is well rooted in the Macintosh platform - it is also called MacHack - but over the last few years the conference has grown to encompass other technologies, such as UNIX, open source, mobile devices, and more. formerly known as MacHack. Jordan Hubbard and Cory Doctorow are the featured speakers for ADHOC 2005. Beloved industry columnist Andy Ihnatko will be hosting the Showcase Awards this year with an all new theme.

Added by raines on May 30, 2005