100 Victoria Street
Singapore, Central Singapore 188064

The Actionscript Conference (TAC) is the first actionscript based conference in Singapore, bringing renowned speakers from Europe, North America and Asia, covering a wide range of topics from Rich Internet Application, Flash Mobile, Adobe Flex, Actionscript 3.0, Flash Tools, Flash Player and Enterprise Development!

Getting a pass to The Actionscript Conference will enable you to:

* Enjoy sessions from the world's best Experts on the Actionscript development
* Discover exciting new possibilities with Flash Player 10!
* Immerse in the possibilities of Flash, Desktop Application Development with AIR and the Web 2.0 world
* Learn how Actionscript, Flex and AIR enables Rich Internet Applications
* Discover the use of cutting edge tools to empower your development
* Network with like-minded individuals in the region
* ..and much more!

We welcome you to join us at Singapore National Library for a FULL day of learning, knowledge exchange, valuable insights and networking opportunities! Whether you are an Actionscript Guru, a Developer, a Project Manager, a Lecturer or a Student, The Actionscript Conference is for you!

Watch out for our second newsletter where we will present the conference time table.

Register for the conference now!

Official Website: http://tac.sg

Added by shinchi on August 8, 2008