859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

The Edwardian Ball is an annual costume ball held in San Francisco to celebrate the art and stories of the late, great author/illustrator Edward Gorey. It was created by and is hosted by San Francsico-based Edwardian house band ROSIN COVEN, the World's Premiere Pagan Lounge ensemble, and will be held at THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL. For the past several years Rosin Coven has collaborated with the unparalleled avante-acrobatic aerial troupe VAU DE VIRE SOCIETY to enact a select Gorey tale on stage. Add more live music by local femme fatale JILL TRACY, DJs, ballroom dancing with VIMA BURLESQUE, and costumes galore, and you have yourselves a Ball!

A Brief History of The Edwardian Ball: One hot and dusty afternoon in a remote desert at the turn of the century, two gentlemen and a lady sat sipping black martinis in a strange and little-known oasis known as The Pagan Lounge. "I say," ventured the first gent, "wouldn't it be smashing to throw a ball in honor of the ghastly tales of Sir Edward Gorey?"

"Oh yes indeed!" agreed the lady emphatically. "We could all dress...Edwardian!"

"I love it!" cried the third. "Perhaps we could find an elegant yet irreverent house band to tell the stories and set them to music. Perhaps that band is...right here amongst us!"

It was true - they looked up from their dust-stained cups to find none other than Rosin Coven carousing around the bar nearby. They were perhaps the only Pagan Lounge Ensemble skilled enough yet foolish enough to tackle such a task.

On a handshake it was agreed, then and there, that the ball would commence that very December in San Francisco. The finest artists were assembled from throughout the land and The Edwardian Ball was born. It has now become a splendid annual tradition and the rest, as they say, is history.

Official Website: http://edwardianball.com/index.html

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It's a kooky fun time in over-the-top finery...you know you wanna! Just be aware that tickets sell out well in advance.


Yep, it's sold out! But they have added a show on Sun 28th at 7.30pm - see http://edwardianball.com


Rosin Coven puts on a great show. I saw them a couple years back.