Southfield Road
Middlesbrough, England TS1 3JN

When: 21.05.09 at 18:00
Where: G10 Boardroom, Institute of Digital Innovation, Phoenix Building, University of Teesside, TS1 3BA
It is meant to be a glamorous life as a fashion, textiles or accessories designer. You design some very exciting collections, get noticed and either carve a name for yourself or go freelance for the global or UK high street. However there are a lot of business and contractual issues that need to be interwoven into your everyday business life.
So what about confidentiality, copying, inspiration and infringement in the fashion world? How can you make sure that you are on the right side of the law when it comes to influence and when you have got a fashion winner? And how will you make sure that you make as much profit as possible using all the business acumen you need
Admission is free, however places are limited. To reserve your place you must register and book online at:

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