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What do NASA, the world's lowest cost car and cheap prevention of counterfeit medicines have in common? Find out at the 2009 Innovation Summit. The place where the world's greatest ideas are presented and their secrets revealed.

This year's summit theme

The economic crisis will test Victor Hugo’s statement that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Some of the world’s most influential companies have emerged out of economic slumps of the past, so we should expect the current turmoil to nurture innovation. Start-ups need to think ever more creatively if they are to take root, while established organizations are re-thinking business models and finding new ways to navigate difficult markets. Some of the giants of the past decades may fall in this recession, but the seeds for the giants of the future will also be sewn as particularly ingenious companies take advantage of the opportunities that come with uncertainty. As it is with companies, so it is with all new ideas: the difficult economic climate creates an imperative for change, so good ideas will be sought out and supported.

The 2009 Innovation Summit will once again celebrate those people whose ideas have shaped the world that we live in, and also look ahead at how innovation will provide foundations for the world that emerges from the current upheaval.

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Added by Kim Partridge on September 3, 2009