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Year 1: Team Refresh
Year 2: Team Double Brother Dragon
Year 3: You and your team?

Third year's a charm right? The event that has been hailed as the best event at SXSW for two years running will obviously make a return at SXSWi 2008.

Thanks to Martin and the n'clud team, this event is still happening! Although Jen and myself won't be able to make it this year, we know Martin and his team will do a great job keeping the spirit of the event alive in our absence.

Sign up now! The roster's growing really quickly!

Official Website: http://sxsw.geekslovebowling.com/

Added by revyver on April 20, 2007



Has anyone been perfecting their roll?


How are teams getting organized this year? Is there a site for it again?


I sure hope Team Microformats can get together do defend their (pitcher count consumed) championship from last year!


Apparently not happening any more, which is a shame.


What does that mean? Will there be no Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza this year?


I heard that it may not happen as well. I heard Bryan is tied up with some other business he needs to get done. Its a sad thing, but I would say the business on the home front is more important.

This is just a rumor, so until I hear or read about it officialy, not sure whats going to happen.


oh, that would be a shame. i missed it last year after coming in runner up the first year.


Yep, spoke to Bryan last weekend and he said that he's not going to be attending SXSW this year, so the bowling is off :-(


Hmm. Is there not enough love to get this event up and running? Bowling last year was so much fun I'd hate to not see it happen again this year, Bryan's started a real tradition here and it'd be a pity to see it die.

Although you can't do it on the Monday as that's the british booze up, although that's probably on purpose to keep our supreme british bowling skills away... :)

So what do people think????


We are going to try and help bring the event back this year!

Since Bryan isn't going to be at SXSW, we are going to help with some last minute planning to make sure ABX still happens.


Hey guys, thanks to Martin and n'clud, the event will still happen! I'll only be there via iChat, but it'll be nice to see you all bowling again. :) Anyway, we're working quickly to try and secure Saturday, but the lanes gave us trouble last year trying to do that.

A site will be up soon with more information and I'll update this as much as I can along the way.


Just make sure you avoid Monday :)


how will the teams get organized? i missed out on the first one and couldn't go to sxsw last year, so i hope there'll still be a space in one of the teams for a "kraut" ;-)


@migrosch rally your German buddies and create a team! I'm sure if this gets off the ground they'll be a place to register teams before sxsw...


It'll be great if this still happens, and avoids the Monday night (which is the Great British Booze-Up and South by North West) :-)


Bummer! My flight doesn't get into Austin unti late, late on Saturday night. Chip, Kev and the rest of Team Microformats will carry on though and set new records in consumption this year!


The new date is going to be Sunday, March 9th ... we'll be going from 7:30pm to midnight!!

More information to come on Monday, I promise.


According to my calculations, Ganz has at least 12 hours between arrival in TX & the bowling festivities...


To sign up for the team go to: http://sxsw.geekslovebowling.com/
Happy bowling


Awesomeness that the date has been re-arranged. :D


I'll be bringing the title back to the original winners, Team Refresh, so the rest of you might as well just show up for the drinks and food.


hehe. whats your average Patrick?


Patrick, I plan to avenge my first year loss to team Refresh in the finals. However, should you bring the title back to Team Refresh, I'm more than happy w/ drinks and food.


trying to compile a group... hope those slackers hurry up so i can register the team...


Hey Everyone!

We are going to be running all updates through Twitter, because the only thing geeks seem to love more than anything else, is Twitter. Be sure to follow us at http://twitter.com/bowlinggeek. If you don't use Twitter (why the heck not?) that is cool, you can subscribe to the update RSS feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/geekslovebowling). And if you really do love the whole email thing, that is cool too, we suggest getting the RSS feed delivered to your inbox via http://www.rssfwd.com/ (it is simple, clean and easy).

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