430 SW 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon

Join the AIGA in celebrating the arrival of The 1000 Journals Project in Portland!

The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The project has spawned a book and documentary film, as well as numerous exhibitions across the country. We're glad to have the protagonist of the project, Brian Singer (AKA Some Guy), in town to share his experiences and some the amazing imagery in the journals.

How it works
The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers. Those who find the journals add something to them. A story, drawing, photograph, anything really. Then they pass the journal along, to a friend or stranger, and the adventure continues.

How it Started
From 1000Journals.com - I had always been fascinated by what people scrawl on bathroom walls and in public spaces. I had been taking photographs of this writing for years, and wanted to put together a book. It seemed appropriate to encourage readers to become contributors, and join the conversation by writing in the actual book. From there, I decided that a blank book might be more fun... especially one that traveled around, to gather a variety of thoughts and opinions. And then, why not 1000 of them? It's such an absurd number.

The project officially launched in August of 2000, with the release of the first 100 journals in San Francisco. I gave them to friends, and left them at bars, cafes, and on park benches. Shortly thereafter, people began emailing me, asking if they could participate. So I started sending journals to folks, allowing them to share with friends, or strangers. It's been a roller coaster ever since.

Due to venue size, space is limited to 160 people.

Official Website: http://portland.aiga.org/events/2009/01/25902422

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Since the cutoff was on January 27th to buy tickets online, I do not know if tickets are still available. There is also no phone number to call.