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Host: The Heritage Foundation. “It ain’t so much the things we don’t know that get us into trouble, 19th Century humorist Josh Billings remarked. “It’s the things we know that just ain’t so.” In The 10 Big Lies about America, acclaimed author and talk-radio host Michael Medved zeroes in on ten of the biggest fallacies that millions of Americans believe about our country – in spite of incontrovertible facts to the contrary. He pinpoints the most pernicious pieces of America-bashing disinformation that pollute current debates about the economy, race, religion in politics, the Iraq war, and other contentious issues. Each of the ten lies – widely believed among elites and taught as truth in universities and public schools – is a propagandistic distortion of the historical record, argues Medved. For everyone who is tired of hearing America denigrated by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, The 10 Big Lies about America supplies the answers necessary to address these baseless beliefs. Medved’s witty, well-documented rebuttal is a refreshing reminder that as Americans we should feel blessed, not burdened, by our heritage.

Official Website: http://www.heritage.org/press/events/ev112408a.cfm

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