500 Divisadero
San Francisco, California

From the producers of The Prince vs Michael Experience, bombhiphop.com
presents the ultimate 80s party – THAT 80s SHOW.

Friday, March 18th @ Madrone Art Bar
with dj’s Dave Paul and Jeff Harris
500 Divisadero @ Fell, San Francisco, CA 94117
the fun begins at 9pm / $5 / 21+

Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubik's Cube, Live Aid, Flashdance, Purple Rain,
Beat Street, Yo MTV Raps, spandex, leggings & shoulder pads! If you
grew up in the 80's come by and relive the decade and if you weren't
around in the 80's come experience what you missed. Bust out your
retro gear be it new wave, punk or hip-hop & enjoy this flashback to
the 80’s. Like... totally awesome - gag me with a spoon!

for more info and to view photos from previous parties go to

If it’s cool enough for Drew Barrymore, it’s cool enough for you.

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