New York City, New York

New & Experienced Players Welcome!

Poker is so hot right now and Texas Hold 'em is the hottest of them all!

This is a great event for first time players and professionals. The evening starts with a half hour lesson describing the fundamentals of Texas Hold 'em. You do not need any prior knowledge of the game. Following the lesson we'll play in a friendly, organized tournament.

Attendees will have a chance to meet all other players as we will rotate tables during the game.

We'll meet at a venue which uses state-of-the-art tables and professional dealers. The evening will run about two and a half hours. During the game we will take a dinner break for pizza. Soft drinks and fruit juice will be available throughout the evening as well as pretzels, popcorn, cookies and chocolates. Everything is included in the price.

Please Note: There is no sign outside the club so make sure to press buzzer #5 to get in. Due to NY State Law we are not allowed to gamble with real money so we'll be using poker chips.

Price: $35 prepaid


Added by Real Live People Party on November 3, 2005