Lower Lode Lane
Tewkesbury, England GL20

Entry is free, with a small charge for car parking.

Thousands of re-enactors and visitors travel from around the world to Tewkesbury for the battle re-enactment and fayre to celebrate the famous Battle of Tewkesbury near to the original battle site.

A number of events connected with the festival also take place in the town. Notably the parade including the Colchester Watch, with their Mayor and ours mustering in the Black Bear at ten to march to the site, our tithe collectors will be demanding money of the traders. Throughout the weekend the Little Museum, in Church Street, becomes home to a medieval merchant and his wife, who welcome visitors.

On Saturday morning the Lord of the Manor and his entourage tour the town, exhorting taxes and tithes from shopkeepers, not all of whom hand them over without protest.

After the fair shuts on Saturday many of the re-enactors march into town to take part in a re-creation of the incident in which the defeated Lancastrians sought sanctuary in the Abbey, only to be dragged out by the Yorkists. This is followed by a summary trial and not too serious series of beheadings.

Official Website: http://www.tewkesburymedievalfestival.org/

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