43 South Molton
London, England W1

Resident DJs at TESCO DISCO are Chris Flatline (Cosey), Kitten (Club Bohemia), Emily Strange (Being Boiled / Client) and Tet Yap (Being Boiled).
The music can broadly be described as Post Punk, generally considered to describe a wide range of groups with artistic and experimental intent, let loose around 1978-84, thanks to the original punk movement's 'wrecking ball' effect on popular culture.
The name 'TESCO DISCO' itself originated with one of our favourite bands, Throbbing Gristle - the original Industrial Muzak (another term they invented themselves).
Whilst certainly centered around the 1980s, our tastes do extend both back into the past and right up to the present day. Expect to hear anything that combines experimental with just plain mental.

Official Website: http://www.tescodisco.co.uk/

Added by TescoKitten on November 9, 2006