6921 Bennett Lawson
Mansfield, Texas

Midnight Manor
MIDNIGHT MANOR VICTORIAN HAUNTED MANSION. THERE IS MORE TO MIDNIGHT MANOR THAN MEETS THE EYE... From the outside, this place looks like an average manor house from the early 20th Century. Truth be told, the history of Midnight Manor will leave one’s skin crawling. The story about to unfold is an actual account of the monstrous acts that occurred in this home. In 1900, Midnight Manor, in Mansfield, Texas was owned by the Morbid family. Dr. Morbid’s wife, Mary, and 2 children, Emily and Alex were all dying from an unknown sickness. In response, Dr. Morbid started performing experiments on his patients and manor staff to find a cure for this sickness and one by one, they began disappearing. Dr. Morbid was hiding the dead bodies throughout his home both inside and out. The manor sat vacant for over 75 years, when the Texas State Historical Society deemed it a state historical landmark. Midnight Manor was opened to the public in 2007. Within the first month, numerous encounters with spirits were reported and the National Ghost Hunters Association was called in to investigate. The N.G.H.A. recorded at least 15 spiritual encounters in the manor. Spirits and ghosts are everywhere and no bodies have ever been discovered. Midnight Manor has now been re-opened for public tours. If you dare, come to Mansfield, Texas and journey through the halls and secret passageways of Midnight Manor and experience a real haunted house.

Van Helsing's Haunted House of Wax
For thousands of years, the Vanhelsing family has been an ever vigillant guardian for humanity against evil. Most are familiar with the tales of the legendary battles between Vanhelsing and the Romanian Blood Count, Count Dracula, but that's only just the beginning. It is told that Vanhelsing, as well as his entire family's bloodline were cursed with immortality and super human strength to help aid them in their on going battles against the ever growing threats of evil. Through out history, Vanhelsing has tirelessly roamed the earth hunting the most vile and hideous monsters and madmen. Vanhelsing thought The best way to hide something was to display it in plain sight. What better way to hide and warehouse evil than to publicly display it? Disguised as elaborate wax figures, Vanhelsing's collection of frozen madmen and their belongings were put on permanent display in Vanhelsing's House Of Wax. Using modern science and age old, long forgotten druidic spells and rituals of protection, Vanhelsing had managed to imprison the evil forever, frozen in suspended animation. Now after 200 years, amazing paranoral activity has plagued the House of Wax. It appears as if a crack in the protection spell has occured. The supposed wax figures, now housed in displays containing powerful personal artifacts, have begun to return to life. The order of Zule has been blamed for this disturbance in the balance of good and evil. Vanhelsing has worked day and night to counter the evil that now veils his museum prison. In one final effort to entomb his collection of evil, the museum was boarded up and forgotten. This October for a limited time Vanhelsing's Haunted House of Wax will reopen to the public. Wander the Halls of this once elegant Wax museum presumed to be haunted. Enter if you dare Count Dracula's lair, Dr. Frankensteins lab, Leatherface's kitchen and many many more scenes of horror. You must decide for yourself this Halloween, in your quest to survive... Are they real or are they just wax???

Heavy Metal Maddness
Upon escaping the House of Wax, you will be ushered into total darkness as you try and survive the all new HEAVY METAL MADDNESS... You are plunged into a dark world of pulsing heavy metal music madness. You must escape with your sanity or be forever lost in the dark smoke filled halls of this endless maze. Heave Metal Maddness is an all new dark attraction at the Terrorplex for Halloween 2009. Wander the dark smoke filled halls as your body and soul are bombarded with a sensory overload of Heavy Metal Madness.

Count Orlock's Castle of Torture
At the age of 7, Count Orlock lost his parents and he was left all alone to wonder the mountains trying to survive. After 3 years in the wilderness, Orlock came across a church. Orlock entered the church looking for help and comfort; however, this place was run by an evil count who was teaching the ideals of Gorbedath of Beldane, the first known nosferatu. For the next few years, Orlock studied under the watchful eye of the evil count, then at the age of 15, Count Orlock was transformed into a vampire. Count Orlock felt betrayed by this transformation and slaughtered his teacher and all the followers of Gorbedath. Orlock then turned the church into place of unspeakable torture. For 300 years, torture and death hovered over the church like the plague, then one day all the evil stopped and Count Orlock disappeared. Over the years, the local villagers slowly destroyed the church until only a few things were left. A small group of people went to Europe, gathered up the remains and artifacts within the church and brought them to Texas. These artifacts were placed in a small house in Mansfield, Texas and since the arrival of Count Orlock's artifacts, strange things have been occuring. Some people who visited the house have been missing since late 2008, and there have been reports of Count Orlock in the area, could he still be seeking revenge? The house has been opened to the public for exploration into the mysteries of Count Orlock and his evil ways, will you be the next to visit Count Orlock's Castle fo Torture?

Terrorplex MIDWAY
New in 2009 is the Terrorplex MIDWAY OF MAYHEM, a festival-like area with a DJ nightly, special events, appearances by the Twisted Freakshow, etc... We will also have a souvenir GORE STORE with Terrorplex T-Shirts (the t-shirts will be worth $5 off admission for the life of the shirt), fog machines and fluid, lighting, strobe lights, etc.. and a concession area featuring food, snacks, candy, Monster energy drinks, and Coke products. We also have a psychic on site for readings, glow stick products, and various other activities on a nightly basis.

Official Website: http://www.terrorplex.com

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