1406 Key Street
Maumee, Ohio

Terror Town Features the following Haunted Attractions for the 2009 Season:

House of the Dead. The Hellevator will deliver you to a new floor of the house this year. All new twists and turns await you on your journey through one of the best haunts in Ohio. You will experience things in this attraction that you will not see anywhere else. Are you ready to take on the House of the dead.

The Asylum. The asylum has been abandoned for years. It was shut down due to the terrible experiments being done on the patients. You will only have a flashlight to guide your way through. Some of the patients are still around waiting for you.

Toxic Terror 3D. You will be amazed at the sights you will see as you tour this old factory that was closed due to a hazardous spill. Some of the workers were left behind because they became infected. Can you make it through without being infected?

Also New for 2009...

The Last Ride. Experience what your last ride will be like. We have a motion simulated casket ride that takes you on a journey you wont soon forget.

Official Website: http://www.terrortown.net

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