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Th1rt3en. The unluckiest of numbers is the unluckiest of seasons...for you. The Terror on the Fox fiends are searching for fresh souls to devour, and their hunger grows tenfold every evening. Entering the house is easy; exiting the house?...not so much.

Torment of a Mind's Eye. Ever wonder what it's like to be trapped inside yourself, so far inside yourself that your only option for sustaining life is relying on others to care for your every need? Well, what if, just what IF, this particular asylum tortured your every need? Manipulating the small amount of sanity you tried to cling to, as you feverishly attempt an escape? Delusions and reality intertwine themselves. The asylum laughs and sneers at your request to be released.
The Void. Afraid of the dark? No? Well, I ask you to re-answer this question if you can step free of The Void. There's nothing to see. Nothing. Maneuver your way through the void slowly... carefully... relying on gut instincts. Don't let the demons sway your steps too often, as they may have left their gate open (for you)! Negative energy will throw you back in the midst of the void, mocking your instincts of direction. Remain calm as the void squeezes the darkness in around you. Keeping calm in the dark may have just found its end. What are you afraid of? It's only The VOID.

3rd Dimension of Fear. Our crazy little demon friends are jealous. They want what we have. Our celebrations of New Years, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and many others have gotten them so envious and filled with rage they have decided to bring all the year's holidays to their dimension and whoop it up. Of course, their idea of a celebration is, well, twisted. Warp yourself into another dimension and experience your favorite holidays as you never have before. Just be sure not to be the last one to leave the room after they've broken a piƱata... your body would probably look great swinging from the rafters, stuffed with little demon toys and candy.

Official Website: http://www.terroronthefox.com

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