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Host: The Heritage Foundation. In Terrestrial Energy, veteran journalist William Tucker has relied on years of research and investigation to help us make sense of America’s energy predicament without the burdens of political pressures or predetermined outcomes. As a result, he maintains that: a) global warming is a serious threat to world climate; and b) nuclear power is the only thing that can possibly solve the problem. Windmills, solar collectors and geothermal plants can make a small contribution at the margin, but they will never provide us with base load electricity. But geothermal plants merely draw earth’s core heat, which is generated mostly from the breakdown of the uranium atom. Why not bring that process to the surface, put it in a controlled environment and call it a “nuclear reactor,” argues Tucker. Terrestrial energy, it’s much closer to home, much more compact and much less disruptive to the earth’s environment.

William Tucker is a veteran journalist. Educated at Amherst College, his work has appeared in Harper’s, the Atlantic Monthly, the American Spectator, the Weekly Standard, National Review, Reason, the New Republic, Reader’s Digest, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. His articles have won the John Hancock Award, the Gerald Loeb Award, the Amos Tuck Award, and he was a finalist for the National Magazine Award.

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