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Hey indies and small businesses, are you using protection? Any time you're doing business, you should be making sure that you AND your client's best interests are covered in a contractual document. Many of us have hacked documents together, but would benefit from really knowing what we need to do. Lucky for us, we're getting some tips!

Jeffrey C. Neu is a transactional attorney located in Central New Jersey. He specializes in issues involving the internet, technology, and intellectual property. Jeffrey Neu has worked in the IT industry for the last 8 years, and consulted clients from as small as individuals to as large as multi-national corporations.

Official Website: http://www.indyhall.org/2007/11/16/ten-tips-to-technology-contract-drafting-dec-5th/

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Since I've been working for the man during the week, I'm glad to have an excuse to finally make it down to Indy Hall. Looking forward to it!


Excellent, stoked you'll be joining us John!