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Wednesday afternoon 11/26 the Templeton Rye bus is going around downtown Des Moines to pick up groups of 12 or more to hang out in their bus. How cool is that? Not all of us downtown Des Moines workers can gather 12 people, so the folks at the coworking place Impromptu Studio have offered to be a place to gather for the Templeton Rye bus. Now that's what coworking is all about for the holidays. I'm not sure what time will work so I jotted down 2p for this invite. If another time would work, hey shoot it out there.

Below is the info from Templeton Rye's website.

Hope to see many there for a bit of liquid gold and warm holiday mad joy.

-John Pemble

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All aboard! On Wednesday, November 26th, we’ll be cruising through Des Moines in the new Templeton Rye shuttle bus for our first annual Thanksgiving Tour of Des Moines. We’re honored to have such loyal supporters, so this is our way of saying “thanks” for another great year.

The TR shuttle bus will be making special stops throughout the Des Moines metro area, providing groups of up to 12 people a sweet getaway from the monotonous “day-before-Thanksgiving” workday. In case you want to get an early jump on your holiday shopping, we’ll have Templeton Rye merchandise available for purchase. But let’s get one thing straight: This isn’t about selling you stuff, it’s about meeting you all and saying thank you.

Want us to add your workplace to the route? All you need to do is round up a dozen people from your office who love Templeton Rye as much as you do, and ask them to take a short break from work to hang out on the TR shuttle bus. Once you’ve got your group confirmed, please e-mail us at [email protected] with your location and we will add you to the route!

Official Website: http://www.templetonrye.com/blog/2008/11/21/the-templeton-rye-thanksgiving-tour-of-des-moines/

Added by JohnPemble on November 24, 2008