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With the 700 MHz auction, the "white space" debate, and new legislation proposing free wireless broadband nationwide, it has been a landmark period at the intersection of wireless and policy. The decisions being made will set the foundation for markets that will impact Silicon Valley companies for years or even decades to come. Silicon Valley companies have played a profound role in influencing or even setting the debate. When Valley companies used to competing on service merit or time-to-market go to Washington, they may find themselves going toe-to-toe with incumbents with more experience and deeper lobbying budgets.

In this discussion, we'll hear from panelists who have led the charge into Washington, and will get their insight on the following subjects:
* The FCC's 700 MHz auction and the role of Silicon Valley companies in it
* A proposal to deploy free nationwide broadband at 2.1 GHz
* The debate over "white space communications"
* National broadband policy

Official Website: http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Agenda.aspx?i=c7b3d832-82b9-4367-a1a8-6c20047b733c

Added by Telecom Council of the Silicon V on July 8, 2008