Beaumont Street
Oxford, England

"Four years after the first gathering, TEDGlobal returns to Oxford for a now-annual event. Join us next summer for four days of inspired thinking that goes beyond the obvious, delivering vital insight into the hidden forces shaping our future.

About the program: When we look around us, there are things we can observe: Buildings. People. Nature. And then there are things that run unseen through our lives. These hidden forces -- social conventions, biological links, cultural frameworks, coded meanings, complex processes, creative impulses, scientific speculations, software, networks -- are the connective tissue that binds societies together and the engines that propel organizations forward. When illuminated, they offer vital insights into our relationships with one another and our world.

The TEDGlobal program is designed to explore and make visible the substance of things not seen."

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Added by nico_macdonald on October 19, 2008



As much as I'd love to go the TED ticket prices are way out of my league. Why can't they have a pub get-together too *:)


Fraternising with the oiks is against TED policy.


*balks at price*
Guess I'll just have to stick with watching TED on the internet then...


I think its great idea. If need Engineers, Drivers, Graphic Designers,
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At this price, it is very clear the relationship structure you aim to create, but not so much the value structure. Maybe by July the price in sterling will be more reasonable.


Interesting, but seriously guys $4,500?! Are the tickets gold plated or something?