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The media and entertainment industry is worth US$1,350 Billion dollars worldwide and the total advertising spend is around US$406 Billion dollars last year. Now, that’s a lot of money. No wonder all major players are reconfiguring their strategies to meet the challenges that this industry brings. In the last decade, we have seen many new media emerge and innovative platforms like My Space, Facebook and You Tube, and this has exploded into a mosaic of interacting elements in the media content and entertainment.

The Media Content World Summit is designed specifically for high-level executives and informed industry leaders from Hollywood Studios, Broadcast media, TV, Cable and Satellites, Advertising and Media companies, telecommunications (CLECs,ILECs) Internet (ISPs, MVNOs) mobile service industries (WISPs), and Consumer electronics. It explores the opportunities and challenges of profitable distribution of content over fixed line, wireless and broadcast networks, both now and the future, thereby providing a better understanding and improved perspective of the disruptive shifts in technology and consumer uptake.

This unique one-day event will highlight the critical issues confronting the changing technological landscape and their likely effects for the current and emerging worlds of media content. The Media Content World Summit is highly interactive, consisting primarily of expert panels and client-led presentations that are focused on successful industry solutions from both the perspective of the solution provider and client. These presentations give each side an opportunity to showcase those methods employed to assist them achieve prospective targets, cut cost and expand operations.

Attend and Gain insight into the key issues and trends reshaping the future of Media Content.

Hot Topics include:

-Future Business models of monetising content
-The implications and revenue growth opportunities of User Generated Content (UGC)
-User and consumer communities: varying demographics, changing habits and taste
-How mobile content is leading the way for innovation; The future of Mobile TV
-Hollywood archiving models and catalogue generating new revenue streams
-Will cross platform distribution channels change the rules of engagement?
-Music and Video Download: Will it continue to grow?
-Embedded Advertising changing the way companies spend their marketing dollars
-Telcos: the new Kids on the Content Block
-Content and the convergence value chain –who will win the growth game?
-Emerging markets: Mobile and Rich Media opportunities
-Technology and Broadcast companies: Collaborating for Growth
-Content Porting : Cross-platform solutions
-The impact of Mobile, Broadband and WiMAX on Content Delivery
-Transforming the way Digital Rights Management (DRM) works. What do consumers really want?
-Regulating Content: New trends Europe vs. USA

Official Website: http://www.technosummits.com/media

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