984 folsom
san francisco, California 94103

10:30AM - 4:00PM
984 Folsom Street (SOMA) - second floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
servers, desktops, usb drives, hard drives,
tools, new equipment, old equipment, DVDs from
indymedia, cell phones -- any & all technology
at fair, yard sale prices!
the yard sale is mainly a benefit for the san francisco
community colocation project, a non-profit that provides
private and secure data center facilities for other
non-profits, community groups, and free software
development teams. but you can benefit, too!


how it works:

[1] come by and see what's for sale: there are sure to be
some great bargains.

[2] if you have new or used technology you want to donate to SFCCP, just
bring it with you on the day of the yard sale!

[3] if you have new or used equipment that you want to sell for
yourself, bring it with you and we'll provide space to showcase your

[4] we'll have a computer testing lab set up so you can make sure that
whatever you're buying works like it's supposed to!

[5] we'll also have a lot of freebies: open source operating system CDs,
stickers, t-shirts and more!

[6] live video streaming: we'll be streaming the yard sale to SFCCP
clients from latin america, europe, africa and the middle east! SFCCP
accepts online donations :)
The San Francisco Community Colo is a community-owned,
community-operated provider of high-availability, high-quality internet
uplink for the community. We support digital rights in practice by
providing a protected space for non-profits and independent media.
Please come out and support your local, community ISP. For more
information, see http://www.sfccp.net/
Monkeybrains has been in business since 1998, offering an independent
alternative to major, commercial ISPs. They offer everything that large
& small companies or individuals need for hosting servers, e-mail,
hardware, domain hosting and more. For more information, see

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (415) 887-7679.
You can also come by our IRC channel at irc.indymedia.org (channel
We hope to see you there! Please support community-based internet
projects and help keep the internet free!

This event is sponsored by:
- MonkeyBrains.net, http://www.monkeybrains.net/
- North by South LLC, http://www.northxsouth.com/

Official Website: http://yardsale.sfccp.net/

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